Salient Features


S.NoSalient FeaturesKWAR HEP (540 MW)

Type of Scheme 

Run of River Scheme 




Union Territory 

Jammu & Kashmir 






33°21'01'' N 


75°53'39'' E 

Location of Dam Near Village Padyarna
Location of Power House Right bank (near village Padyarna)
Nearest Rail Head Udhampur
Nearest Airport Jammu
3 Hydrology
  Catchment area at diversion site 10325 Sq. Km
Design Flood 10534 cumec
Location of Catchment  
Latitude 32°06'N to 33°39'N
Longitude 75°55' E to 77°48'E
4 Reservoir
  Full Reservoir Level (FRL) EL. 1385.0 m
Maximum Water Level EL. 1385.0 m
Minimum Drawdown Level (MDDL) EL.1372.0 m
Gross Storage at FRL 27.167 Mcum(22024.64 Acre feet)
Live Storage 9.16 Mcum(7426.13 Acre feet)
Area under submergence at FRL 0.8 Km² / 80 hectare
5 Dam
  Type Concrete gravity Dam
Length of dam at top 195.0m
Elevation of top of dam EL.1387.0m
River Bed Level EL 1286.0m
Maximum Height above river bed 101m
Maximum Height above deepest foundation level 109m
6 Spill Way Lower Spillway Upper Spillway
  Type Orifice Crest
Width of Spillway 68m 16m
No. Of Bays 4 No. 1 No.
Crest Level of Spillway EL 1330.00 m EL 1368.0 m
No. & Size of Openings 4 nos., 9.5m (W)×13.8m(H) 1 nos., 9.5m (W)×17m(H)
Discharge Capacity at FRL 10534 cumec
7 River Diversion
a) Coffer Dam
  Type Rockfill with central clay core
Top of Upstream coffer dam EL. 1315.0m
Top of Downstream coffer dam EL. 1292.0m
b) Diversion Tunnel
  No, Diameter,Shape 1 No; 9.5m, Horse- Shoe Shaped
Length 685m
Diversion Discharge 1041 cumec
8 Intake Structure
  Number 4 No.
Size of openings 5.65 m × 5.65 m
Invert Level EL. 1359.20m
9 Energy Dissipation Arrangement
  Type Ski- Jump Bucket with performed plunge pool
10 Outlet for Environmental Release
  Design Discharge Lean Period 16.49 cumec Peak Period 74.09 cumec Remaining months 16.79 cumec
Size of Gate 2.6m × 2.0m
Crest level 1369.90m
11 Construction Sluice
  Nos. & Size of opening 4 no., 3.1m(W)×5m(H)
Crest level EL.1300.0m
Length 128m each
12 Pressure shaft/Penstock -
  No.& Diameter 4 no., 5.65m (internal)
Shape & Type Underground circular steel lined
Design Discharge (each Penstock) 145.07 cumec
Length Horizontal-PS-1 = 182 m,PS-2 = 156m, PS-3 = 131m, PS-4 = 108 m
Vertical- PS-1 = 54 m,PS-2 = 67m, PS-3 = 80m, PS-4 = 93 m
13 Power House Cavern
  Type Underground
Installed Capacity 540 MW (4 × 135 MW)
Type of Turbine Francis Vertical
Net Rated Head 103.1m
MIV Dia and Type 4.6 m dia butterfly valve
Design Discharge 145.07 cumec (each unit)
Cavern Size 140m(L)×23.3m(W)×50m(H)
14 Transformer cum Draft tube gate cavern
  Cavern Size 116.0m(L)×17.0m(W)×16.0m(H)
15 Tail Race Tunnel
  No.& Type 2 Nos, concrete lined
Dia & Shape 9.5m, horse shoe shaped
Design Discharge 290.14 cumec (each)
Length TRT-1 : 2786m TRT-2 : 2963m
16 TRT outlet
  Number 2 nos.
Size of opening 9.5m x 9.5m
Weir crest level EL. 1266.5m
Deck level EL. 1293.0m
Minimum TWL in River EL.1267.32m
Normal TWL in River (All operating units) EL. 1269.90 m
Maximum TWL in River (PMF) EL. 1291.80m
17 Power Generation
  Annual Energy Generation in 90 % dependable year 1975.54 MU
Plant Load Factor 43.02%
18 Peaking Hours 2.7 Hours
19 Tariff
  1st year Tariff Rs. 4.07/ unit
Levelised Tariff Rs. 4.44/ unit
20 Project Cost Rs. 4526.12 Cr (September 2020 Price Level)