List of Holidays

Holidays to be observed in the Calendar year 2019 at Kwar HE Project, Kishtwar.

S.No. Name of Holiday Date Day
1 Makar Sankranti


2 Republic Day 26/01/2019 Tuesday
3 Maha Shivratri 04/03/2019 Monday
4 Holi 21/03/2019 Thursday
5 Shab-I-Miraj* 04/04/2019 Thursday
6 Ram Navami 13/04/2019 Saturday
7 Budh Purnima 18/05/2019 Saturday
8 Jumat-Ul-Vida* 31/05/2019 Friday
9 Eid-Ul-Fitr* 05/06/2019 Wednesday
10 Urs Shah-Farid-Ud-Din Sahib 21/06/2019 Friday
11 Mata Sarthal Devi Ji Yatra 08/07/2019 Monday
12 Eid-Ul-Azha* 12/08/2019 & 13/08/2019 Monday & Tuesday
13 Independence Day 15/08/2019 Thursday
14 MachailYatra To be notified separately To be notified separately
15 Janamashtmi 24/08/2019 Saturday
16 Mahatma Gandhi Ji’s Birthday 02/10/2019 Wednesday
17 Dussehra 08/10/2019 Tuesday
18 Guru Nanak Dev's Birthday 12/11/2019 Tuesday
19 Christmas Day 25/12/2019 Wednesday
*Date of holidays may change due to appearance of Moon*

Holidays notified by the Central/State Government over TV/All India Radio/Newspapers as Holidays applicable all over India or in the State of J&K under The Negotiable Instruments Act shall also be observed as Holiday (s). A holiday declared by GoJK, Applicable to the offices of the Central Government located in the State shall also be observed as a holiday.
In the event of change in the date of holiday due to moon appearance in respect of Eid-Ul-Azha and Muharram, an announcement over TV/All India Radio/Newspapers shall be treated as sufficient authority to observe holiday on that particular day.